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reason seldom

But as truth and reason seldom find so favorable a reception in the world, and as the wisdom of providence frequently condescends to use the passions of the human heart, and the general circumstancca of mankind, as instruments to execute its pupose ; we may still be permited, though with becoming submission, 'to ask, not indctd what were the first, jimmy choo uggs but what were the secondary causes of the rapid jimmy choo shoes growth of the christian church. It will, perhaps appear, that it was jimmy choo most effectually favoured and assisted by the five following causes. It The inflexible, and, if we may use the expression, the intolerent aeal of the christians, derived it is true, from the Jcwish religion, but purefied from the narrow and unsocial spirit, which instead of inviting, had deterred the gentiles from embracing the law of Moses. II. The doctrine of a future life, improved by every additional circumstance which could give »ve4ghtand efficacy to that important truth. III. The miraculous poweVs ascribed to the primitive church. IV. The pure and austere morals of the christians. V. The union and discipline of the christian republic, which gradually formed an independent and increasing state in the heart of the Roman empire.
Paul preaches in the name of heaven the doctrine of pre destination, and Pope preaches in the name of philosophy the same doctrine.


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