The philosophy

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The philosophy

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The philosophy

The philosophy of which we speak has providedfor man a variety of comforts in his present predicament, and this philosophy instructs him to diminish by intellectual exertion, the force of evil by which his life is afflicted. It teaches him that the ills of life art not always real but frequently fabricated from causes of a trifling nature. There is not perhaps on earth a human being who'does not make more of his misfortunes than he ought- there is jimmy choo uggs Qot one whodoet not magnify beyond the reality !— The human imagination is always awake, it is perpetually active, and to its combinations, conjectures, and anticipations, there seems to be no fixed termination. An evil apprehended, but not yet realised, often assumes a shape as ter rific as the most .dreadful calamity which has already burst in thunder upon the world. Earthquakes and volcanos somtimes happen—they happen really in the order of the universe—but how much more jimmy choo shoes frequent are they in the imaginary apprehensions of human beings. jimmy choo The true point of wisdom is to regulate conduct by principle, to controul passion by rea» son, elevate the mind above common prejudices, to discard superstition, to love truth, and practice an incorruptible virtue.
Your old Men shall dream dreams, your young ones shall see Visions.
THH more Mr holy scriptures are examined the more they become vulnerable in the. estimation of reason. The points of view in which they present themselves either in a questionable or reprehensible state are almost without number. The physical laws of nature are broken down, the character f God aspersed and every where exhibiting the mqst shameful departure from that elevated line of conduct which reason teaches him to pursue.


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