The moving fibres

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The moving fibres

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The moving fibres

The moving fibres in every muscle, the fibres in every nerve, also the fibres and vessels in every viscus and organ, are in such order: inmostly in them are the most simple, which are the most perfect; the outmost is compounded of them. A similar order of those degrees is jimmy choo shoes in every seed, and in every fruit, as also in every metal and stone; such are the s of these from which is ,the whole: the inmost, middle and outmost things of the s are in those degrees, for they are successive compositions, or confasciations and conglobations from simples, which are their first substances or materials.In a word, such degrees are in every ultimate, thus in every effect; for every ultimate consists of things prior, and these of things first; jimmy choo and every effect consists of a cause, and this of an end, and the end is the all of the cause, and the cause is the all of the effect, as was demonstrated above ; and the end makes the inmost, the cause the middle, and the effect the ultimate. That it is the same with the degrees of love and wisdom, qf heat and light, also with the organic forms of the affections and thoughts with man, will be seen in what follows. The series of these degrees in successive order and in simultaneous order is also treated of in the Doctrine of the New Jerusalem concerning jimmy choo uggs the Sacred Scripture, n. 38, and elsewhere ; it is shown, that there are similar degrees in all and every thing of the Word.That the ultimate Degree is the Complex, Continent and Ba$is of the prior Degrees.The doctrine of degrees, which is delivered in this , has been thus far illustrated by various things, which exist in bQth worlds, as by the degrees of the heavens where the angels are, by the degrees of heat and light with them, and by the degrees of the atmospheres, and by various things in the human body, and also in the animal and mineral kingdom. But this doctrine is of broader extension; its extension isnot only to natural things, but also to civil, moral and spiritual things, and to all and each of them.


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