becomes an angel

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becomes an angel

Post  icedreams on Wed Dec 29, 2010 8:57 am

becomes an angelfor then he becomes an angel, and thinks and speaks things ineffable to his natural man : for there is then an elevation of all things of his mind, not in a simple ratio, but in a triplicate ratio; in the latter ratio are the degrees of altitude, but in the former the degrees of latitude. But no others ascend and are elevated into those degrees, but those who jimmy choo shoes in the world were in truths, and applied them to the life.It appears as if things prior were less perfect than things posterior, or simples than compounds; jimmy choo but still things prior, from which things posterior are, or simples, from which compounds are, are the more perfect: the reason is, because things prior or more simple are more naked, and lees enwrapped with substances and matters void of life ; and are as it were more divine, wherefore they are nearer to the spiritual sun, where the Lord is ; for perfection itself is in the Lord, and thence in the sun, which is the first proceeding of his divine love and divine wisdom; and thence in those things which next succeed, and so in order even to the lowest; which, according to their distance, are more imperfect. Unless there were such eminent perfection in things prior and simple, neither man, nor any animal, could exist from seed, and afterwards subsist; neither could the seeds of trees and shrubs vegetate and become prolific: for every thing prior, according as it is prior, and every thing simple, according as it is more simple, because it is more perfect, is more exempt from harm.That in successive Order the first jimmy choo uggs Degreemakes the highest, and the third the lowest ; but that in simultaneous order the first degree makes ^ the inmost, and the third the outmost.there is successive order, and simultaneous order.


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