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I am obliged

Post  dreamscoko on Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:22 am

I am obliged" Indeed I am obliged to you for giving it," replied Effa, totally regardless of the compliment contained in the latter part of Edward's speech ; for she had not yet learnt either to give or receive compliments; she spoke simply and truly herself, and she believed that others did the same. " I thank you sincerely for it. And you have Timberland Boots Outlet convinced me that I must not consider Mr. Smith entirely as a grandfather."
" It will be in your power to add much to his comforts; but by raising him from his present situation, or levelling yourself to it, you would not add to his happiness or your own."
" You are right; Cheap Timberland Boots and I am not now quite so miserable as when you jimmy choo first met jimmy choo uggs me," said Effa smiling. " I have to thank you that I can appear before my aunt with a brighter face, for I would not have her pained by knowing that I have been unhappy this evening."
" Then let us lengthen our walk a little. Mrs. Pierpont knows that I am with you, and therefore will not be alarmed; and it is so lovely an evening, I think a little lingering in the air, even preferable to our evening music."
And Edward, as they walked, directed jimmy choo shoes her attention to different Timberland Outlet subjects, and their conversation became even gay, so that no traces of Effa's unhappiness remained on her countenance, or in Timberland Boots for Women her manner, when she returned home.
Edward had been grieved by Effa's sorrow, and was resolved to gain a knowledge of Timberland Boots Smith's feelings towards her. With that intention he made a secret visit to the gamekeeper the following morning; and found that he had been Timberland Boots for Men right in his conjectures concerning them.
The poor old man had never known his grandchild, he had thought of her often, but knowing that the Pierpont family had provided for her, he had so long considered that she was raised from his sphere and acquaintance, as almost to lose the recollection of her "relationship to him; and when he was told that she was coming to live at the Hall, as its future mistress, he almost with bitterness thought of the immense distance which exists between wealth and rank, and servitude and poverty, and scarcely rejoiced at the good fortune of the offspring of his ill-fated daughter.


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