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Post  dreamscoko on Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:22 am

But towardsBut towards that child, sinful as she was, his heart still yearned; he scarcely knew if she yet lived, but he would not think she was dead, nor Timberland Boots for Men would he relinquish the hope of again seeing her e'er Timberland Boots his heavy life should draw to its close. Every year Timberland Boots Outlet made his hope and his love stronger, while his jimmy choo uggs anger and disappointment lessened ; she was to every jimmy choo shoes one else an outcast, and degraded, but to him she was a child; he remembered the innocent being whose merriment had made his heart glad, and taught it to beat with parental fondness, and if a hasty and painful thought passed over her sin, and the shame of it for a moment weighed upon his spirits, his affection found some excuse to palliate its enormity, as Timberland Boots for Women he raised to Heaven a father's prayer for her forgiveness, and a realization of his hope that he might
once more behold her.
It was the uncertainty of the position in which Effa stood to him, the doubt almost amounting to assurance, that she would not acknowledge the tie of consanguinity between them, and the proud unwillingness of age, and of conscious integrity and honour, though in poverty, to Cheap Timberland Boots bow and cringe in humility to the young of his own blood, whom chance had made his superior, that produced the repulsiveness Timberland Outlet of his manner towards Effa, and almost steeled his heart against the persuasive and fascinating gentleness and sweetness of her demeanour and voice. But when he saw her jimmy choo almost fainting, though he knew not from what cause, when her likeness to her mother struck him forcibly, then for a moment his heart warmed towards her, and caused a tear to start to his eye; but he hastily brushed it from his cheek, and again she became to him, not the daughter of his child, but the mistress of Só and of himself.


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