I pointed, as we were walking alon

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I pointed, as we were walking alon

Post  bokencn on Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:40 am

I pointed, as we were walking alon

o the juicy barons of beef on the butcher's shambles; to the white square loaves of the bakers, with alum and lime in them; to the scantiness and high prices of the legumes in the markets ; to the fiery port and sherry proclaimed at the door of wine vaults; to the XXX and Burton ales ; to the tiffany jewellery Whitbread entire and Guinness stout; in fine, to the smoke and atmosphere of London adding, that the fashion of pills and draughts' taking in England, tiffany co after tiffany outlet all, was of the upper and better classes of society only; and by no means to be observed among the multitude."
Dr. Kreysig avers that these waters
tiffany rings have been very useful in pulmonic complaintsnervous tiffany sale debilityfemale complaintsindigestion. Our author, as was said before, has no high opinion of these waters, though he has often prescribed them. He considers them as alteratives rather than aperientsas "disturbing waters"which rarely cure diseases till some other Spa has been resorted to. We have tiffany&co tiffany and co outlet lying before us a little work on the Waters of EMS by Dr. Thilenius, in which a very different account of this Spa is given. Taking the Doctor's statements " cum grano salis," we would still be inclined to attach some importance to these waters.
The disturbance of the nervous system, caused
tiffany by these waters, is attributed by Dr. Granville to the large quantities of soaa which they contain. As much as a drachm of this alkali is taken in the usual morning dose of the Ems Spa. The air of the narrow valley, too, in which the Spa is situated, cannot be very conducive to health.


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