This is so venial a fault, that it is scarcely worth notice.

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This is so venial a fault, that it is scarcely worth notice.

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This is so venial a fault, that it is scarcely worth notice.

If tiffany jewellery he will take the hint we have thrown out, respecting condensation in a second edition, we venture to aver that he will NOT have cause to complain
IN the last number of this Journal, we attempted to explain some of the most interesting and instructive laws of Philosophical Anatomy, and to point out and illustrate that wonderful harmony of developement, which exists not only in the different parts and organs of the same animal body, but also in these parts in the different classes of animals, from the more simple up to the most complex of the scale. We then endeavoured to shew that most of the anomalies or
tiffany congenital defects of formation are truly and strictly mere arrests of the process of evolution; that the part or organ so affected had been interrupted tiffany co and stopped, as it were, in its progress to maturity; and that thus it exhibited that appearance or structure which is normal to the foetus at a certain stage of its intrauterine existence, but which tiffany&co is abnormal, or anomalous to it, after birth. Guided by the celebrated law of Centripetal Developement, we found ourselves enabled to account most satisfactorily of very many of these malformatiops, the nature and origin of tiffany rings which had hitherto been quite inexplicable. We then proceeded to illustrate the striking analogies which may be traced between the embryotic and early fetal organization of the higher animals, and the mature or normal developement in animals, lower in tiffany outlet the animal scale; and having, we hope, established the truth of these analogies, we were prepared to trace the resemblances between the congenital malformations of the human fcetus and the natural organization of many of the lower animals.
The last section of our inquiry was devoted to the investigation of the curious, and hitherto illunderstood subject of Hermaphrodism. We found that most of the bizarre irregularities of the generative organs,
tiffany and co outlet included under this appellation, are strictly obedient to the laws above mentioned; that very many of them are beautifully illustrative of M. Serres7 great discovery of centripetal formation; and that others find their exact prototypes, tiffany sale in the normal structures of animals lower in the scale of development


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