The. leaf, when expanded

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The. leaf, when expanded

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The. leaf, when expanded

performs the part tiffany jewellery of lungs to the growing vegetable ; the sap, as it circulates through it, is exposed to the action of the air, and is thus prepared to form woody matter, which is tiffany co then gradually
The point of a stem or of a branch, from which the leaves arise, is called a node ; and the space between any two of these points is called an internode eposited between the bark, and the medullary sheath or the membrane investing the pith.
Other leaves are successively formed at the point of the stem, as it grows upward; and this process continues to go on, until at length the stem ceases to lengthen. Then
tiffany and co outlet we discover that a new change takes place in the vegetable economy.
The old leaves gradually fall off; the new leaves, instead of expanding after their formation, retain their rudimentary condition, harden, and fold over one another, so as to be a protection to the delicate point of growth; or, in other words, become the scales of a bud. We have now a shoot with a woody axis, and a distinct pith and bark, and of a more or less conical figure. At the axil of every leaf a bud had been generated during the growth of the axis ; so that the shoot, when deprived of its leaves, is covered from end to end with little, symmetrically arranged, projecting points, which are the
tiffany outlet buds.
On the return
tiffany of the genial weather of Spring, the buds, which had been formed during the previous year, begin to .expand and unfold, in consequence of tiffany sale the movement upwards of the fresh sap, which has been absorbed by the roots. The growing point of each bud advances and lengthens out in the direction of its own axis, and thus gives birth to tiffany rings a young twig; this, as it ushes forwards, forms leaves and buds, just in the same manner tiffany&co as we have escribed to take place on the parent stem during the previous year. Each twig or branch is in every respect a type and repetition, as it were, of the stem from which it grows. Their structure is the same; their manner of growth is the same; and their mode of propagation is the same. Hence it has been very happily remarked that " plants develope themselves out of themselves progressively."


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