It was pointed

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It was pointed

Post  chersfirea on Fri Feb 18, 2011 3:15 pm

It was pointed

It was pointed, and MBT Shoes Clearance direct: and, though unquestionably intended for their personal beneŁt, was perverted by insuperable obstinacy, and prejudice, so as to excite their most a unmerited indignation and resentment lie had said to them, " If I tell you the Truth , why do you not believe me ? He,As the Sun sheds his light over the material creation, to be apprehended by the eye, Truth is the light shed down from heaven, to be apprehended by the Intellectso far as the human mind is qualified to receive it For, the difficulty of Truth does not exist so much in the subjects, as in ourselves; and Truths, which are the strongest and clearest, may sometimes shine upon our minds with the weakest force"or, with no force at all. Quicquid recipitur, recipitur ad modum recipients• With what resplendency did c The Sun of righteousness" shine among the Scribes, Pharisees, and Hypocrites! but, to how little avail! Their foolish heart was darkened ; and, though totally blind, they conceited they could see! We are frequently reminded of such characters by too many modern instances of intellectual darkness. John i. MBT De causa difficultatis in Veritatis cognitione discrepantes sunt sentential: alii enim res ipsas hujus difficultatis causam esse; alii nos ipsos esse censent. Minute attention to the operations of the human Mind, as they respect religious truths, has determined my adherence to the latter of these opinions. For one obvious reason why they are not immediately embraced, upon the first fair proposal, is, that they have to contend with a host of Errorswhich have found previous admission: errors, of Ignorance; of Superstition ; of Learning; of Affectation of Pride : and another more powerful impediment to their access, is, that they attack every corrupt Principle, Prejudice, and that is of God, hcareth God's words: ye therefore MBT Shoes hear them not, because ye are not of God.


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