The hoarythe proud

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The hoarythe proud

Post  hunsssalin on Thu Mar 17, 2011 11:07 am

The hoaryThe hoary Elf is an honest old Norwegian, merry and straightforward. I have known him since many a long day, when we drank together to better acquaintance and good fellowship. He came here to MBT fetch his wife,she is dead now,who was the daughter of the Bockking. Oh, how I long to see the old northern Elf! His sons, people say, tory burch shoes are coarse blustering fellows; but maybe one wrongs them, and when older they will improve."" And when will they come ?" asked his daughter." That tory burch sale depends on wind and weather," said the Elfin King. " They travel economically ; they will come here by water. I wish they would go through Sweden; but the old gentleman has no inclination that MBT Trainers way. He does not keep pace with the time; and that I can't bear."At the same moment two Jackso'thelantern came hopping in, one faster than the other, and for that reason one was first." They're coming! they're coming!" cried they." Give me my crown ; and let me stand in the moonshine," said the Elfin King.The daughters held up their long shawls and bowed to the earth.There stood the hoary Mountain Elf, with a crown of hardened icicles and polished fircones on his head, and wrapped up in a mantle of fur and boots of the same. His sons, on the contrary, went with open throats, for they disdained the cold." Is that a mound?" asked the lesser of the youths, pointing to Elfinhome. " In Norway we call such a thing a hole."" Boy," said the father, " a mound rises upwards, and a hole goes inwards. Have you no eyes in your head ?"Now they went in to the Elfin mound, where there was very choice company, certainly; and had come together with such speed, one might have tory burch outlet thought they had been borne thither on the breeze ; however, the arrangements for every one were neat and pretty. The seafolk MBT Shoes Sale sat at tablein large waterbutts; and they said they felt just as if they were at home. All observed good manners at the table, tory burch flats except the two little Norwegian Mountain Elves, who put their feet on the board, for they thought that all they did was becoming." Take your feet away from the plates," said the old Elf; and then they obeyed, although not immediately. They tickled the ladies next them with fircones; then they pulled off their boots, to be MBT Shoes more at their ease, and gave them to the ladies to hold for them; but their father was very different.


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