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I have learned

Post  hunsssalin on Thu Mar 17, 2011 11:09 am

I have learned

I have learned to love the Norwegians," said she; " and I will not marry unless I can go MBT Shoes Sale to Norway."But the youngest of the sisters whispered into the old Elf's ear, " She only says that, because she has heard, in MBT Shoes an old Norwegian rhyme, that when even the world is at an end, the rocks of Norway will stand firm; and that's the reason she wants to go there, for she is greatly afraid of death."" MBT Ho! ho!" said the old Elf; " that's the way the wind blows, is it? But what can the seventh and last do?"" The sixth comes before the seventh," said the Elfin King, for he knew how to count; but the sixth at first would not come forward." I can do nothing except tell people the truth," said she. " No one troubles about me, and I have enough to do to get my shroud ready."Now came the seventh and last. And what could she do ? She could tell as many fairytales as she chose." Here are my five fingers," said the old Mountain Elf. " For each one tell me a story."And the Elfin maiden took hold of him by the wrist, and he laughed till he was almost choked; and when she came to the finger that wore a golden ring, just as if it knew that matrimony was going on, the old Elf said, " Hold fast what you have! The hand is yours! I will take you myself to wife!" And the Elfin maiden said that the fairytale to the ringfinger tory burch shoes and to the tory burch flats little finger were wanting." Oh, we'll hear them in winter," said tory burch sale the old Elf; " and about the firtree too, and about the birch, and the gifts of the MBT Trainers woodnymphs, and about the crackling frost. You shall have opportunities enough of telling stories, for no one understands that yonder. And there we will sit in our rocky dwelling, where the pinetorch is burning, tory burch outlet and where we drink mead out of the golden horns of the old Norwegian kings; I got some as a present from the Waterspirit. And when we are sitting so together, Garbo will come to pay us a visit, and he will sing to you all the songs of the mountain maidens. How merry we shall be ! The salmon will leap in the waterfall, and dash against the walls of rock; but he will not be able to come in to us, after all! Yes, yes; one leads a happy, comfortable life in dear old Norway! But where are the boys ?"Where were they ? Why, they were running about the fields, blowing out the willso'thewisp that were coming quite orderly to have a procession with torches." What's all this harumscarum about ?" said the old Elf. "


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