The green portion

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The green portion

Post  kueetory on Fri May 06, 2011 6:28 pm

The green portion

The Tory Burch Outlet green portion of the leaf remains fastened upon me carananer. ana wnen saia to iooic umBristles fastened together with beeswax in the form of cages, of all patterns, used to be very common in old times. Every where the bnstles joined, a scrap of red or black merino, half as big as fourpence, was stuck on. Sometimes grams of sugar, or drops of honey and molasses, were put inside ; but Ithink this would draw mufcftudes of flies. These cages looked very pretty suspended from the ceiling.This style of painting requires nothing but care and neatness. The outline Tory Burch Shoes of whatever you wish to pami is drawn with the point of a needle on transparent paper, andthen cut out with sharp scissors. No two parts of the "bird, or flower, which touch each other, must be cut on the same piece of paper. Thus on one bit of transparent paper I cut the top and bottom petal ot a rose; on another piece I cut the leaves at the two opposite sides, &c. Some care is required in arranging the theorems, so that no two parts touching each other shall be used at the same time. It is a good plan to make a drawing on a piece of white paper, and mark No. X upon all the leaves you can cut on the first theorem, without having them meet at any point: No.on all you can cut in the same way on the second theorem, and so on. Alter all the parts are in reaumess, lav vour tneorem unon vour arawinc naner. lase a sun orusnensues, cm nice tnose usea m velvet colours, mi it with the colour you want, and put it on as dry as you possibly can. moving the brush round and round in circles, gently, until vour leai is coiourea as aeen as vou wisn. wnero von wish to shade, rub a brush filled with the dark colour youwant, carefully round and round Che spot you wish t& shade. Petal after petal, leaf after leaf, is done In this way, until the perfect flower Is formed. No talent for drawing Is necessary in tins worn; ior uie nerure is iracea on iransnareni Šaoer, ana then the colours are rubbed over the holes, in the same manner tnev naini canvass caroeis. in Tory Burch Flats tne cnoice colours, von xnusi be guided by the pattern you copy. The light colour which forms the groundwork is put on first, and the darker colours shaded on after it is quite dry.


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