Green leaves

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Green leaves

Post  kueetory on Fri May 06, 2011 6:29 pm

Green leaves

Green leaves should be firsi mum ontrni veiiow; men aone au over witn oncrnt trreen; men snaaea wim maiffo. a verv oniiiant sei oi colours m Tory Burch Shoes powder have Tory Burch Outlet been prepared for this kind of painting : if these be used, they must be very faithfully ground with a bit of firiass or smoom ivorv.If the colours are put on wet, they will look very badly. The transparent paper can be prepared in the following manner : cover a sheet of letterpaper with spirits of turpentine, anu tei it mw m me air: men varmsn one stae witn conai varnish ; when perfectly dry, turn it, and varnish the other side.Observe very accurately all the light parts of your picture, and draw or trace them on a sheet of paper: with a knife, or small sharp scissors, cut out all marked. It will not seem to have any form or likeness, until you holdit up between a candle and the wall; if well done, the shadow will then look like a softcoloured picture. A sheet of fine Tory Burch Flats letterpaper placed behind it, and both held up to the light, produces the same, or a better effectubsesve weii tne snaaows oi we nicture vou wish to copy draw their shape as exactly as you can. and cut them out. Paste these pieces on a sheet of paper, m such places as they belong in the landscape: if the shade be rather light, put on oniv one tnicKness oi Baner;aamer, two micicnesses. an,a mree iiucioiesses, mav oe usea; n me snaaow De verv cieeu ana neavv. nve ana six nieces mav oe nastea on. one aDove anower. wnen nem untne licrnt, are nroaucea, differing in degree according to the thickness of the paper. jLnese maice verv oreuv transnarencies ior lamns in summer, i nave seen cnina lamnsnaaes. mat aonearea neriecuv wmte in the daytime but the china was thicker in some places than in others; and when the light shone through, it lookedA piece of cardpaper is covered with a thin, smooth coat of pomatum. and then rubbed over with a common lead pencil until it becomes quite dark: not what is called blacklead pencil, but the common lead, called plummet.


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