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The lights

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The lights

The lights of the picture are then scraped away with a sharppointed knife, or needle.Have Tory Burch Shoes a box of some smooth, polished white wood, such as satin wm or manie : SKeicn UDon it sucn nirurescas'!s, men, women, wreaths of flowers, &c. as you please: then colour all, except the figure, dead black. It then looks like ebony inlaid with ivory.These boxes, which have been so fashionable of late, are very easily made. The box may be painted white, creamcolour or DiacK. as vou iancv eitner ior a groundwork. Then cut from engravings figures of men, women, animals, fruit, vases, occ. ana naste tnem unon vour dox, arranged in such a manner as oesi meases vou. wnen it covered and perfectly dry, it should be dona over with a glazing of dissolvedisinglass; and when that Tory Burch Outlet is dry, it should receive a coat of copal varnish. The lighter and more airy the figures can be made to look, the better; no heavy masses of ground or trees should be left about them; and if uneven edges are accidentally left, they should be carefully cut.The paste should be made of rye, with pounded alum boiled in it, to make it more adhesive. , The coarsest engravings from newspapers, &c. are sometimes usea; ou| ine nner tne engravings, the more beautiful the box. Some people prefer coloured engravings; Tory Burch Flats but unless they are very delicate and beautiful, they have a gaudy look.Scrap boxes are usually glazed with dissolved isinglass, and dried before the varnish is put on; but it is said dissolved pelt is a better glazing. If the box is varnished several times dried thoroughly each time, and finally rubbed with a little linseed oil and very finely pulverized rotten stone, it will look as smooth and polished as a mirror. It is a good plan to do all varnished boxes in this way.It is common to cover centretables and fireboards with engraved scraps, in the same manner as boxes. When done with great neatness and taste, they form very beautiful articles of furniture. Coloured engravings, if not too gaudy, are more; beautiful than plain ones.Very pretty boxes are made by arranging autumn leaves in garlands or fanciful bouquets. They should be of the most brilliant colours, the hard stems cut off, and the leaves wellpressed in heavy books, before they arc used. Glue, or Iain, glass dissolved in gin, is better for pasting them upon the box thin gum Arabic; as the latter is apt to crack, and come off easily.


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