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Still continuing

Post  chwengjwendy on Sat May 21, 2011 11:38 am

Still continuingStill continuing her journey eastward, her full orb begins to contract on that side, or limb, bs it is termed, from which she is moving, until her distance from the sun is , and she completes her third Tory Burch Shoes quarter, when she is again a semicircle, or half moon; and in her fodrth, or last quarter, she wanes until, as before, she becomes only a thread of light, and finally disappears when she has a second time approached the sun to within the distance of about . When she is in the middle of that portion, , of her orbit in describing which she is invisible, she has the same longitude as the sun; and the instant when this occurs, is called the time of new moon. These different appearances of the moon are called her Phases.Although certain portions of her disc are thus, to the naked eye, always, except at the full, obscured, yet may the whole disc at any time be distinguished by the aid of a telescope,dark indeed, but yet not so dark as the surrounding sky; this obscured disc of the moon is most easily seen towards the time of new moon, and especially about the third day from it. As seen through a telescope, that edge of the moon by which it is waxing or waning presents always an exceedingly ragged appearance, and occasionally bright spots may be distinguished at a short distance from it, in the otherwise obscured part of the disc. The appearance of the disc itself, under the telescope, is exceedingly varied; it is covered with Tory Burch Outlet irregular markings, of which the light is dimmer than that of the rest, and which have the appearance of Tory Burch Flats stains. Of these, some are manifestly the shadows of mountains; in other places may be traced the appearance of cavities, commonly of circular forms, on the sides of which lying towards the sun are dark shadows; by measuring the widths of which, the depths of these cavities may be estimated. The same method of measuring the width of the shadow serves to ascertain the heights of the lunar mountains; these are, some of them, about If miles in height, and the depth of the deepest cavities may be about the same.


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