themselves reduced

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themselves reduced

Post  chersfirea on Fri Feb 18, 2011 3:15 pm

themselves reduced

they would find themselves reduced to such absurdities, as, unless they are totally shameless, they could not but be Shamed of: for, it will be found, upon ingenuous inquisition, that the true reason, why we do not believe Jesus Christ, is, because we are not willing to part with our vices, t renounce ourselves, MBT Shoes Clearance and to serve God faithfully : we are riot of the christian Heligion, because we are not of any: so that, our unbelief of the Redeemer is but another phrase for our practical contempt of the Creator." Allowing it to be the most pitiable, it should be undisguisedly asserted, at the same time, that there is no character upon earth more detestable, than that of the professed Infidel. Heart, and that the serious emotions, they aim to inspire, may be the deeper, and the more lasting. They ought not therefore to be less acceptable on that account.To the present period, how numerous are the Characters to MBT be met with among us, the very counterpart of those, so strikingly delineated by the Spirit of ancient prophecy" Now go, write it before them on a table, and note it in a book, that it may be for the time to come; that this is a rebellious people, lying children; children, who will not hear the Law of the Lord: which say to the Seers, see not; and to the Prophets, prophesy not untoThe words of Truth and Uprightness will always be grateful in proportion to the integrity of those, who hear them. Selfdeceivers only wish to be soothed and flattered in their delusions. Divine Verities were never intended to tickle the ear, but to pierce the soul, and to leave an abiding impression there: and the public Teacher, who does not take that aim, is a Traitor to God and tohi& right thingsspeak unto us smooth thingsprophesy deceits " It should be laid down as an almost infallible maxim, that, Those, who preach the smoothest things, are the most MBT Shoes likely to prophesy Deceits.


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